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Culture Syndicates’ Mission

Culture Syndicates supports cultural organisations to promote and widen access to their collections for audiences locally, nationally and internationally, through sustainable partnership working. At the heart of our work is a commitment to building employability for emerging professionals to develop an appropriately skilled and diverse workforce that is equipped to meet the needs of a changing sector.

Enabling culture

We support cultural organisations to achieve best practice relating to collections, audiences and workforce.

Building employability

We create paid developmental opportunities for emerging professionals and champion sustainable workforce development in the heritage and arts sector.

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Our Services

Mentees and Mentors Blog

Strategy and planning

We can help you to get your project idea off the ground. Our experienced team can help you to explore opportunities, understand the needs of your stakeholders, appraise different options and research ideas.

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Project work

We know that capacity can often be a restriction for many organisations. Our large team of heritage assistants means that we can provide the extra capacity that you need, at a reasonable cost.

We have several years of experience working with cultural organisations, and managing projects. We use current and best practice to inform the advice that we give to our clients.

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Training and employability

We create paid opportunities for sector entrants. We recognise that the heritage and arts sector can be a difficult place to start a career. We believe that investing in training and employability will benefit our sector for years to come.

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Temporary Exhibition Service

We offer a range of temporary exhibitions for hire. Our exhibitions are designed to enable your organisation to make the most of its collection through an easy, cost-effective and flexible process. We send all of our panels digitally to reduce cost and waste.

Following best practice in exhibition design, we create exhibitions in-house and reformat past temporary exhibitions from sites who can then profit each time their exhibition is hired.

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